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Expense Management

What is this circuit? Why do we have it? How much does it cost? How do we use it?

We understand that even in the best-run companies, there is sometimes a lack of organization and understanding around all things technical. Communications expense often spirals out of control despite great effort through acquisitions, consolidations, mergers, moves, etc. Occasionally, expenses increase solely through the passage of time.

Our telecom expense management solutions begin with a thorough audit of your business and all associated communications expense. An audit consists of the following components:

  • Billing analysis of all current voice, data, equipment, management, and wireless applications.
  • Business evaluation of future plans including growth, consolidation, goals.
  • A technology needs assessment according to your type of business in order to achieve true network optimization.
  • Simply put, in a complex technological environment, we provide the expertise necessary for your business to thrive while using the optimal equipment and services tailored for you.

    Network Management

    Based on our findings from the audit, we will share our suggestions. Should you choose to implement our solutions, we will remain with you through design, negotiation, agreements, implementation, and billing. We want to be sure that you are satisfied with your service, equipment, and billing. Once your network is under control, we provide ongoing support through moves, adds, and changes necessary for the life of your business.

    Among our providers:

    at&t XO Communications
    Windstream Cavalier Telephone