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The Informant offers customized notification to specified contacts. One design solution will set up outbound calling through your phone system and log if the call was answered by a human, voicemail or was unreachable. We offer a variety of contact solutions, including but not limited to, e-mail and text notification. The Informant is fully customizable to your business needs. The Informant allows for a fast, efficient notification system that is simple to administer.


Communications Reliability and Integrity, (ComReli), will provide the solution utilizing your preferred hardware and mature open source software in order to deliver a robust and reliable solution. We will work with you to customize the methods by which we retrieve contact records and also to report on the information that is important to you and your business.

Suggested Uses:

Education: Student Absentee Notification, School Closings, Lunch Account Status, Report Card Issuances, Event Notification

Collections Departments: Account Status Changes, Past Due Notifications

Retail: Sale/Promotion Notification, Order Status, Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Government: Voting Reminder, License/Tag Renewal, Jury Duty Notification

Healthcare: Billing Notification, Appointment Reminders

Polticial Affairs: Candidate Advertising, Voter Polling